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carnival brazil queens 2013
Brazil carnival hot queens  in samba parade galleries


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Photo Carnival women bikini Brazil

Sexy brazilian carnival queens in samba parade: sexy !!!..

The Carnival celebration is the more famous event in Brazil , it is the called Carnival. 
The Samba Parade in Rio is full with the most beautiful brazilian carnival queens, women with a great body and ass to die for !.
Without doubt, the brazilian carnival girls dancing samba, attracts the eyes of the male public, especially the Carnival  Brazil queens (called rainhas de bateria - queens of drums corp)

The Brazil Carnaval  season is 5 days of hot festivities (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon & Thu), but the carnival fest begins 3 weeks earlier. Carnival dates: This year the Brazilian carnival 2013 will be celebrated on February 08 to February 12,  2013. Explore the best Carnival Rio queens 2013 here: photos and pictures !! There’s nothing like seeing carnival sweetie babes dancing in a sexy costumes with the full percussion section !!!!! If you are an  US tourist, you will find brazilian ladies very calm and warm. Home No mention the teens and beautiful single milfs which you can pick up in the carnaval festivities !!.  .  .

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