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The Carnival Rio de Janeiro: The Carnival in Brazil  is a great source of energy, a sentiment which penetrate the soul. It is similar with the american Mardi Gras, but better. From Friday evening through to the following Tuesday, Carnival revelers dance through the streets. In Rio Brazil, there are three major events, The Carnival Balls, The Samba School Parade, and The Street Carnival, a good option for tourist to join in with Rio local street bands. Itīs totally free to join and have fun. To experience this, go to the "Bloco Simpatia e quasi amor"  in Ipanema beach or "Suvaco do Cristo" in Jardim Botanico. To buy Carnival Rio Parade tickets (or called "ingressos" in portughese), entrance and fees, you must to booking in advance.
Home The best sector is the sector 5- 7 in the Sambadrome Marques de Sapucai.. Rio Carnival 2014 is celebrated from February 8 to February 12, 2014

Rio de janeiro: Carnival in the Sambodromo (Sambadrome)

Opened in 1984 and designed by Brazil's famous architect Oscar Niemeyer the massive structure on each side of Av. Presidente Vargas-Rua.The sambadrome is 700 meters long, 19 meters high and has a total floor-area of 85,000 square meters which can hold 73,000 (2012 ampliation) cheering fans of the  samba schools.

Tickets sell out but there is always some available for the right price. Unless you have seats in a special section be sure to arrive early to hold a good spot in the mostly general seating arena. The sambodromo is plenty of hot carnival girls in bikini costumes and some naked woman, but with a body painting. The main samba school parade (grupo especial) is  held on the Sunday and Monday night just before Fat Tuesday.

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RIO CARNAVAL: the most famous Carnival celebration in the world

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